Cookie Policy

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Verosmedia reminders concerning cookies and related staff
The system saves Users’ choices and preferable areas and thus provides the former with relevant information and ads. In case you agree to use our website, you also confirm to use cookie file according to the notification message concerning file types. Customize your browser settings in a proper manner in case you don’t want to handle with files of this type. Using services of is not applicable in this case as well.

What is meant under “cookies” and “related staff”?
Cookie-file includes digits and letters. The file is located on personal computer, mobile phone or tablet or any other device used for surfing the web. Cookies are popular among websites owners, they gather statistics data with it and improve general performance and services of their pages.

On our websites we generally use several different types of cookies:
“Obligatory”. Files of such type are created for proper browsing on our site and use all its options. We do not gather any information that can reveal your personality her, but they are important for proper site functioning or its parts.
Files affecting “Performance”. Here we try to understand Users’ interaction with our resource, to catch the areas where people spent most or least of all time, the areas of the greatest interest. Thus, we can make our website work better. These files are important for analyzing the effectiveness of our ads campaign and offer proper advertisement for those who are deeply interested in it. All the scope of information we receive is anonymous and can’t identify anyone’s personality.
Files for “Functional” needs. Their main aim is to check only those users who came back to the site. It becomes clear where and when the person has signed in and what he or she was doing at the moment of signing. Blocking of this file may affect general web site performance as well as access to it in whole.
Files to define “Target audience” express your actions in the Internet (pages you have entered including ours) and the ads you have agreed to view. We are highly interested to show advertising information actual for each person individually and in close touch with companies and infoportals which can assist us to analyse the scope of data we have collected. In other words, if you study information and some kind of statistics at one of our websites about a definite product we may show it to you on the rest of our resources. This information, however, can be given to third parties to promote advertising campaigns and check its effectiveness.

How other information may be collected and employed?
By using cookies our partners and we may pursue different aims like:
1 Handle with the orders.
2 Avoid usage of complicated methods to get the information for us and partners concerning users’ entering web-sites.
3 Evaluate design and services at our web-sites according to your browsing history.
4 Offer various type of content (pop-up messages, adds and so on) from Verosmedia or partners according to interests and preferences.
5 Give up-to-date information.
6 We can better understand users’ needs and our websites after analysing the amount of visitors and their behaviour.

Will cookie files stay for long on your computer or another devices you use?
The time depends on what type of file is used. Some of them will be automatically deleted after your browser closing. While there are also ‘permanent’ ones and the time of their existence at a device is variable. For online advertising this term is approximately a month.

We consider it necessary to use long-term cookies. Thus we can understand how often the users come back to our sites, whether there are any difference in visitors’ behaviour after a certain period of time and profitability of our advertising politics.

Who can store cookies at your devices and why it is useful?
Cookies can be first- and third-parties. The former ones can be stored by our administration, while the latter are therefore placed by third party companies.

Our company altogether with third-party ones aim to understand how the services are used.
Cookies can collect various information, like, your browser or OS version and so on. The companies use all the above to analyze popular directions and offer better services.

Such a technology is necessary to understand how many users are interested in particular products and services. How often people click to specially designed banners, links or images.

Why do we need advertisement on mobile and computer devices?
Our company as well as third-parties, service suppliers and partners take part in various advertising activities to cover the users’ interests and show relevant information to potential buyers.We are neither responsible nor monitor the activity, policy and amount of information gathered by third-parties when they offer service for us or other companies. You may see the ads based on your mobile search results, your work requests, geographical location and other factors. You may see the adds at our web-sites or our partners’. The adds you see at our web site depends on the pages you visit, actions you take etc.

How to cope with cookies?
Generally browsers do not require special settings to accept cookies as they can do it automatically. These files can be manually blocked, there is also an option to inform the user to accept the file installing.

Additional information is usually described in settings section of your browser.

In case you would like to block cookies of our website it may influence on work with it as you may not get personal information from us. Please, make sure all your devices used with our websites have suitable settings for convenient work and using.