Privacy Policy (hereafter referred to as a “Company”) is a web advertising organization whose main occupation is to provide the companies (hereinafter “Clients”) with Internet advertising services. Specially organized platform “Verosmedia” is used to provide the Client with the service (hereafter referred to as “Verosmedia”).

The Client can use “Verosmedia” in order to show the ads to target customers – users. The company has the right to gather customers’ personal data at the moment of using ads services.

The Company will do everything in power to keep the information obtained from Users safe. The Company issues Confidentiality policy to clarify which type of information can be gathered, methods of saving and ways to “Withdraw from” gathering any information from the Users.

The Company has the following set of terms and conditions in line with saving and protecting the information:

1 The Company is obliged to inform the Users and Clients about existing terms and conditions of information gathering at Verosmedia as well as the amount, and type.

In no event the Company shall process the data received. Direct User’s application to the Company with giving personal information can be the only exception.

2 Information for collection
At the time of advertising service being provided the Company may gather the following type of information: User’s IP address, Internet provider of services, its type, preferable language for browser, operation system installed, visited web-pages

The information the Company has gathered will be used for statistics purposes only.

3 Using cookies
Cookies are installed by Verosmedia to hard drive by means of the browser (if possible) for the vendors or websites to remember your computer and encapture certain amount of information.

The Customers can create and apply for their database, which may contain personal information. If that is the case, such information can be used for target audience only.

4 For which purpose Users’ information can be suitable?
statistics aims;
target advertising implantation;
to create better service for customers;
to offer proper service from the Company’s side.

5 Privacy
In no event the Company shall disclose Users’ information to other parties. The only exception is when other parties represent the Company and offer advertising services by Verosmedia. The information revealed is nameless and in terms of Wales and England laws only.
Information about bank cards is never saved or stored at our side. All Clients’ payments are effected with the help of authorised payment providers. TLS 1.2 and AES algorithms with key length 256 bit are used for protection of card information.

6 “Withdraw” option
All the users are vested with an option not to allow to gather personal information, which is enabled with “Withdraw” option.