Use Terms and Conditions – is a specially created service for successful cooperation between advertisers and webmasters on (hereafter – “Website”).

Website can be used only in correspondence with the following “Use Terms and Conditions” (hereafter “Conditions”). These particular Conditions can be applied to any sort of our products and services even test or trial ones. If you have decided to take up our service that means you approve all the set of Conditions with no exceptions. We strongly recommend to omit our services if you are not ready to accept the Conditions.

We enclose the Conditions for webmasters as well as advertisers to achieve the aims above.

Our company has the right to make amendments to these Conditions and publish updates at our website. No prior email or any other means of notification for participants is foreseen. It is transferred to be users’ responsibility and obligation to check for the changes or updates in the Conditions. We consider our users agree with all the set of changes in case they continue using the service after the amendments being published.

How to open and use opportunities of an Account
When signing up or creating a new account at our Website you affirm you are not younger than eighteen years old at the moment of signing up. Alternatively, your age may be less but according to legislation of your country it is legal to use particular services. Also, your agreement with our terms and conditions in full is mandatory.
It is obligatory to confirm you are a representative by operation of law of a person on behalf of whom you open an account.

The holder of the profile is absolutely in charge of it and observes all the obligations and rules to regulate services of the Websites and the rules published on it.

During registration you will be asked to specify your contact email. Also you will need to create a password for logging into our system. It is required to leave some contact information and payment details.

You confirm your using only personal identifying information with no sharing to third-parties as well as your account credentials at our Website. We reserve the right to reject using a particular names or emails without any clarifying from our side. The consumer of our service is considered to be totally responsible for the information he has provided us with, accept it is true and keep your log-in information in secret. finds it acceptable to delete your account in case of not meeting these requirements.

You are obliged to inform us immediately about any illegal case of your account data using and/or any other security violations involving, but not measuring, your credentials loss or theft. An additional point is that a signed-up user is the only responsible person for all the actions taken on behalf of his or her account.

Accessibility to your account can be freezed at any moment. The grounds of it may not be limited by rules violation or payments issues. Holding of the account may also happen if the company finds the data provided false, your actions at our Website illegal, dishonest or harmful to or other party.

Statistical information
Once a month account holder may receive interactive reports, that may be understood as a part of a business control at our website. For all the cases we apply for generally used tendencies of traffic monitoring.

Current Agreement defines regulations concerning webmasters, advertisers and It is based and can be explained in line with the law of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Restrictions for license using:

This license given should be understood as non-transferable and non-exclusive. It allows to perform advertising activity, but not for commercial projects. Using Website or any part of it for another aims is also prohibited.

Your licence is actual for all the period of using Website. Licence can be terminated in case of any rules violations. We are not obliged to inform additionally in case of its happening. has a set of additional extra-rules to the ones described above.

Regulations and limits

By using an account at our website you accede to the following:

Not blame the Website for errors in statistics, i.e. statics can be reviewed for fear of dishonest clicks, error processing and any of the kind. We send updates for several times during the day time. Our statistics is meant to be the one and rightly so.

Inform us when you need to delete your profile.

Come to terms with all our financial conditions and regulations concerning pays off and other payments as described at the Website or by e-mail.

Obey all the rules, including regulations posted at the Website and Confidentiality Policy.

Observe the laws concerning advertising business, consumers safety, financial deals and services and fair competition. Not to broadcast by your activity the ideas of national superiority, discrimination and racism of any kind.

Not to organize or participate in dishonest or illegal businesses like good-luck letters or a fast buck and so on.
Respect copyright, business secrets, patent rights and publicity legislations altogether with any other rights in the field of intellectual property.

Not to reveal any aspect of anyone’s private life.

Protect the confidentiality and keep in secret all obligations with other parties and partners.

Delete all the material when it can be counted as:
deliberately false, unreliable, misinforming or containing materials with sexual context, stirring up national hatred or provocative violence.
threading content.
discriminating people on the ground of gender, sexual identity,religion, race, age or disabilities of any type.

It is absolutely forbidden:

To gather or broadcast information about our users or account owners, it includes personal information or other data that may be used for marketing researches unless permission for this activity was given.

To share or broadcast material containing sexual context, or implying age restrictions, or offer services of that type and so on.

To increase the number of clicks with the help of special programmes or any illegal or dishonest means.

To create one more account if the first one was banned on the ground of rules violations.

To edit identifiers or headings so that to hide the sources of the materials transmitted via our Website.

To make efforts of changing, translating, making samples or whatsoever of the kind to obtain original code used in the Website, used here technologies or computer programmes.

To offer similar services with the help of our Website, access permissions or any related staff.

To use any malicious programmes like injections, viruses, scripts, trojans and so on for not legal catching or receiving data.

To invocate any devices that can disrupt the Website’s typical functioning.

Copyright regulations

All the materials and staff related (images, audio, graphics, texts, schemes etc) are under government protection in accordance with laws of intellectual property and related regulations.
It is strictly banned to reproduce, make copies, frame and publish the materials mentioned above and any part of the Website.

Ads content
Only advertiser is fully in charge of the whole set of content he or she publishes. Administration doesn’t examine the information content and can’t be held in charrge of the quality characteristics, accuracy or sustainability of it.

Under no occasion shall be in charge of the mistakes concerning but not measuring misprints, content errors, whatsoever losses caused by a particular content used.

We declare the advertiser himself to be obliged to estimate his abilities and also be ready suffer losses caused by all the materials used.

References to off-site resources
Website can redirect or offer links to resources belonging to other parties. Website is no to regulate neither in charge of the materials and actions at such websites.
All the outcomes either winnings or failures and losses are meant to be your area of control.

Losses and negative earnings
Users of our service shall pay the damages for expenses, fees or complaints because:
Incorrect use of the programme or Website;
Breaking of the Agreement herein.

Payments regulations
It is a strict requirement and obligation to state real Name and real Surname. This data will be checked and verified within the data the user indicated about his credit card for any payments taking out should be performed. The operation will be declined if the data provided will not coincide. We make payments to our users only, and never to other parties.

The company normally effects payments to publishers once for 7 days to their bank accounts.

Verosmedia for convenience may change the term of making payments.

We don’t transfer amounts less than 20 USD. All lower balances in this case will be added to the sum for nearest financial operation.

All the payments and refunds are calculated and in effected in EUR/USD.

Verosmedia is responsible to pay the money duly in time and bears no responsibility for remittance of funds to the bank account.

Publisher shall provide the company with valid and correct payment details. The former shall inform us about inaccuracy or changes in payment details by email in 3 days term before time of payment date.

All the commissions or other expenses are paid by webmaster.

We reserve the right to freeze any part of further payments, also including the reasons of Conditions disruption. We find it possible to take any sum you owe a debt to us as well as for breaking the Conditions.

Verosmedia is not obliged or doesn’t substitute any taxes organizations, the webmaster is fully responsible to pay taxes from the money earned with the help of Verosmedia advertising area in the place he or she lives.

In some circumstances we may put the payments on hold until we receive confirmation of the taxpaying in the country you live.

Verosmedia takes the responsibility for full and adequate understanding to calculate statistics data and charge payments. It doesn’t limit but covers clicks, impressions, incomes and business at the website or with its help if applicable.

Refund rules
We give a refund only after receiving a written request.

The ground for money back:
– Advertising campaign can not be started on the ground of listed but not finalized reasons as the materials selected are found to conform the law, inappropriate quality or entry or after Verosmedia’s own decision.
– The campaign owner has decided to stop it. In this case all ads block should be requested, the process should be freezed and reported to…
– The sum will be calculated according to unused part. All the calculations are performed on the basis of our inner reporting and accounting system.

Note, the request should be sent via email mentioned in your own account. Otherwise it will be canceled and hold invalid.

We will not refund the requester if he has broken the Conditions, Confidentiality policy or any other regulations concerning our services.

Website can’t be stated as responsible for continuous work as we may have site services work at any moment we need.

We also are not in charge of any Webmaster’s deeds and reserve the right to block any of them without any prior warning. We may also arrest all payments if there is a fear of laws or advertising campaign violation or any other illegal or dishonest businesses performed by the publishers.

The activity of the Publishers may be also blocked if the cases of laws breackage concerning other parties appear and become known to us, the same concerns payments delaying.

We consider our advertising statics as the only and never failing source of statistics data and related information.

Circumstances of insuperable force (Force majeure)
No party under these agreement can be considered responsible for the failure or delay to perform the commitments in conditions of force majeure. To the conditions discussed may be referred, but not measured, disasters of natural property, wars or any acts of military nature, labour disputes and troubles, hurricanes, fire accidents and all other conditions not possible to control by the Party and thus disrupting normal work processes. has the right to make amendments to these Terms and Conditions when feels necessary. All the updates will be published at our website and come into effect since were announced.